Risotto World Summit

Chef Carmine Calò the winner of the Risotto World Summit Finale!

Chef Calò, from Il Salviatino Restaurant, Firenze won the final round of the Risotto World Summit that took place in Milano, last October 19th. The winning dish was Risotto al pomodoro: grana cheese, sorbetto al pomodoro e basilico and was chosen among the very best risottos of the world by two juries, one technical and one from the blogosphere, shared the task at this final challenge. The President for both juries was Davide Paolini, journalist, critic and radio host, also known as Gastronauta.

From left to right: Fabio Baldassarre Eyck Zimmer, Bruno Marino, Olivia Bomoni Todorov, Sergio Vineis,
Francesca D'Orazio, Athos Migliari, Carmine Calò, Paolo Trippini, Marco Sacco