Risotto World Summit

Risotto World Summit 2012 Hong Kong Edition

Umberto Bombana´s White Truffle Risotto



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Last year, by this same time, the first Challenge of the Risotto World Summit took place in this very same land. Today, a year after, some of the best Italian and non Italian Chefs have competed in New York, Moscow and Milano and this competition has grown and continues to do so. This time, within the context of the Italian Cuisine & Wine World Summit, with the attendance of important Master Risotto Makers the Risotto World Summit will hold a contest open to professional chefs and food lovers. The participants will be judged by a jury of notables coming from Italy and Hong Kong.

Rules of the Contest

  1. The risotto has to be prepared in situ by the participants.
  2. Participants will have 1 hour for the preparation of the risotto. The Risotto World Summit´s organization will provide the contestants a basic vegetable broth. However, contestants may bring their own pre-prepared broth.
  3. Facilities and utensils will be given by Towngas Cooking School.
  4. Basic ingredients such as carnaroli rice, butter, olive oil, onions, etc will be provided by the Risotto World Summit´s organization. Any other special ingredients for decoration or condiments must be brought by the contestants (You may call the Cooking Centre for assistance on this matter)
  5. The risotto must follow the traditional Italian technique which implies respecting the following procedures: A) “toasting” the rice, B) sautee the onion C) little by little adding broth and, D) (only in case the recipe requires it) giving the a creamy texture with the mantecatura of butter and cheese.


The participants will be judged by a jury of notables : Alfonso Caputo, Gianni D'Amato, Mario Caramella (Itchefs-GVCI President), Rosario Scarpato (Italian Cuisine & Wines World Summit Director) and Towngas Cooking School´s Alma Mater Margaret Fu.


The winner of the Hong Kong Contest will be invited to the Risotto Contest Finale, that will be held in Milano in the second semester of 2013 (airfare and accommodation will be provided by the organization).