Risotto World Summit

Giuseppe Brancati wins the Hong Kong Challenge!

Giuseppe Brancati, Va Bene´s Head Chef was the winner of the last Hong Kong Ediiton of the Risotto World Summit.

Born in Naples and grew up in Florence. He started training from a tender age of 15, both his mother and grandmother were his mentors. In order to be considered a successful chef, he went through every discipline of the culinary art. This allowed him to be able to invent and prepare a genuine and sophisticated meal while respecting authentic Italian cultures. Brancati worked with a number of leading restaurants around the world: in La Dolce Vita Restaurant in Maracaibo (Venezuela), as the Executive Chef of a private yacht in Asia, cruising the South China seas, creating fine dishes for a number of high profile guests and now at Va Bene Restaurant in Hong Kong. Chef Brancati believes in striking a perfect balance while introducing his meals, combining vibrant flavors of seasonal ingredients to traditional Italian ingredients. Treating guests to a dining experience rather than just a lunch or dinner is an art form.