Risotto World Summit

Megan Coombes wins the New York Challenge

The New York Challenge took place at the School of Italian Studies of the International Culinary Center, it was part of the IDIC 2013 events organized by ItChefs-GVCI, Rosario Scarpato (IDIC´s Director), a jury of notables formed by Chef Odette Fada, Francesca D´Orazio (itchefs-GVCI events advisor) and Chef Giorgio Nava. The winner was Megan Coombes with a wonderful Duck confir with Pomegranate Risotto.

The list of contestants and their dishes:

  • Pasquale Abbatiello: Risotto a la Milanese Sliders
  • Vincent Gentile: Vegetarian Risotto with Braised Endive and Egg
  • Andres Figueroa: Roasted Corn and Poblano Risotto
  • Ashton Keefe: Beet with Fourme d'Ambert Risotto
  • Megan Coombes: Duck Confit with Pomegranate Risotto
  • Caroline Key: Tomato Risotto
  • Karen Doman: Seafood Risotto
  • Giles Guzick: Shitake Risotto
  • Marite Acosta: Wild Mushroom Risotto

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