Risotto World Summit


Risotto World Summit: The New York Challenge

Risotto is the most emblematic dish of contemporary Italian Cuisine in the world and the Risotto World Summit aims at reaffirming the history of this dish, its indisputable Italian roots, the reasons for its success around the world. Following the Hong Kong challenge held last November during the Italian Cuisine and Wines World Summit, a New York Challenge has been held during the IDIC launch. 12 talented finalists have took part into the competition. The judges of the Challenge have been Chef Pietro Zito (Italy), Chef Ivan Beacco (NY), Sommelier Luca Giardini, Chef Matteo Scibilia (Italy) and Chef Marcello Russodivito (NY). The Risotto Challenge was held at the International Culinary Centre on January 12 and the winner was Olivia Bonomi Todorov (see the Winning Recipe).